Recent Projects 


BT Sports ‘Football To Your Door’ - Commercial

Advert featuring Cardiff City's Junior Hoilett. 'The Premier League Football to your door'.

Moving London Forward ‘The Air’ - Commercial

Health and safety spot for Crossrail on the impact of dust in a work environment.

Moving London Forward “Mental Health” - Commercial

Health and safety spot highlighting mental health in the construction industry.


What We Do

We get the opportunity to work on some incredible, progressive video production projects. We collaborate with and advise some of the largest and most dynamic corporations (Red Bull Media House, Samuel Adams), and many resourceful and hard working small and mid size businesses.  We travel the world and give our time and capabilities to help amazing non-profits.  We pride ourselves on our partnership with Healthcare and Life Sciences corporations and agencies, and take very seriously the responsibility of creatively working within regulatory and legal requirements to best educate and inform.  We assist some of the largest universities and alumni associations (United States Military Academy at West Point, University of Miami, Penn State University), and help smaller colleges promote their brand to attract potential students and engage alumni.  And we produce television and documentary film projects with a diverse team of some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.  It's not hard to understand why we dig what we do.

(Background Image) Photographed by Rowan Sims


Who We Work With


What We Capture With

The Vilmos Team shoots with a large variety of professional camera equipment. We mostly shoot with Red, Canon and ARRI.